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Teams and Umpires;

Teams will be expected to get to the courts at least 5 minutes before the start of play so that umpires can do their checks. To encourage this Umpires will blow their whistles advising their teams that the game will start in 5 minutes, then again at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Late Arrival / Start for Matches.

If the Team has not arrived within 5 minutes of the intended start of the match then the match will be abandoned and the late team will be deemed to have conceded the match.
If a team is late on court they will be deducted a point.

Follow these steps if the game is late starting

1. Do NOT start the timer until both teams are ready to play.
2. Umpire checks and Toss Up for Centre Pass.
3. Regardless of which team has the centre pass, the controlling umpire blows for the centre pass and then blows again straight away to award a free pass against the late starting team for delaying play. Do NOT play advantage if the non offending team has the first centre, by awarding a Free Pass they are able to throw the ball directly to the shooter to score.
4. Both Umpires to note on the scorecards if a Team is late on court.

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