Need help with how to score?
What do you do at the end of each quarter?
How do you know whose centre it is??

CDNL Scorers Guide

Start of Game
TEAM A has won the toss and takes the first centre pass, pencil an E (evens) in the first box below their name on the score card.

Team A will always have this pass during the first quarter when the Total of goals scored is an even number.

TEAM B will be O (odds). Pencil the “O” in the box underneath their name on the scorecard. After the first goal, Team B has the next centre pass, e.g., score is 1 / 0 (1+0) = odds. Team B will always have this pass during the first quarter, when the Total of goals scored is an odd number.
• 0-0 (evens) - first centre pass Team A
• 1-0 (odds) - next centre pass Team B
• 2-0 (evens) - next centre pass Team A
• 2-1 (odds) – next centre pass Team B
• etc

Re-Starting After ¼, ½ and ¾ Time
There are two possibilities - if the score is say 10-8

1. If a goal was scored prior to the end of the quarter and the next centre pass had not been thrown -
In this case the centre pass in the second half will remain the same, i.e. Team A on `evens' and Team B on `odds'. In this example the score 10-8 = 18 = evens
First pass in next quarter is Team A. Team A remain `evens', Team B on `odds'


2. If the ball is in play when the whistle goes to end the quarter -
In this case change over the ‘odds’ and ‘evens' – so write an O in the square box under Team A (for odds), and an E under Team B (for evens). In this example the score = 10-8 = 18= evens. As Team B is now “evens” they have the next Centre Pass.

Odd Bit! - If at a Centre Pass the ball is still in the Centre's hands when the Umpire’s whistle is blown to signal the end of a quarter or half and provided no infringement by that team has been penalised, that team will take the Centre Pass after the interval.

Please see an example of the 2 options in the attachment below


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