Sheila Riches Versatility Tournament

The tournament is dedicated to Sheila Riches who joined CDNL after the league was formed in 1977. She entered a junior team in which her daughter and friends played, resulting in the league age limit being lowered to 14 which enables many young people to experience local league netball. Under Sheila's guidance the Longport team went on to win the Endeavour Trophy in 1982 and the Division Two title in 1983. Sheila was quickly slotted into the role of CDNL Treasurer where she became a hardworking and reliable committee member. Sadly Sheila passed away in October 1989.

Each year the CDNL opens with a versatility tournament, it is a great warm up before the league commences and gives players a chance to see how their team mates feel on a weekly basis.

2016/2017 Versatility Tournament. Won by Canterbury.

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