Cup and Plate Fixtures and Draw 2016-2017


The draw for the 2016-17 competition took place at the Reps meeting on 22nd September and hanidcaps are based on the finishing positions in the league the previous year where possible. The numbers listed by each team name will be the goals they start the game with.

Canterbury: 0
Pilgrims: 6
Oasis: 12
Action Pumps: 18
Bishops: 24
Black Jacks: 24
Alpha: 30
Bluebirds: 42
Academy Red: 48
Wahl UK: 54
UKC: 60

The rounds are listed below and fixtures will follow once the draw is made


Round 1 – 20th November 2016

Academy Red v Pilgrims
Action Pumps v Alpha
Bishops v UKC

Wahl v Black Jacks
Oasis v Canterbury

No game - Bluebirds

Round 2 – 26th February 2017

Pilgrims v Wahl
Alpha v Oasis
UKC v Bluebirs

Black Jacks v Action Pumps
Canterbury v Bishops

No Game Academy Red

Round 3 – 9th April 2017

Wahl V Action Pumps
Alpha v Canterbury

Black Jacks v Pilgrims
Bishops v Oasis
Bluebirds v Academy Red

No Game UKC


Court 1 Pilgrims v Black Jacks
Court 2 Bluebirds v Academy Red

Court 1 Canterbury v Action Pumps
Court 2 Wahl v Oasis

12.15pm Finals
Cup Canterbury 28 v 66 Pilgrims
Plate Canterbury Academy Red 65 v 66 Oasis

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