Cup and Plate Fixtures and Draw 2017-2018


The draw for the 2017-18 competition took place at the Committee meeting on 17 October and hanidcaps are based on the finishing positions in the league the previous year where possible. The numbers listed by each team name will be the goals they start the game with.

Pilgrims: 0
Oasis: 6
Canterbury 12
Synergie : 18
Companion Care: 24
J & L: 24
Academy Red: 30
GG fitness: 36
Bluebirds: 42
Wahl UK: 48
Academy white: 54

The rounds are listed below and fixtures will follow once the draw is made

Fixtures and results

Round 1 – 19th November 2017

Academy White v J & L, 66-82
GG Fitness v Canterbury, 55-68
Bluebirds v Academy Red, 62-67
Oasis v Synergie, 35-71
Alpha v Wahl, 72-74
Companion Care (CONCEDED) v Pilgrims

Round 2 - 7th January 2018

Academy Red v Academy White 65-67
Canterbury v Synergy 70-37
Alpha v Bluebirds 61-67
GG fitness v Wahl 60-60
J & L v Pilgrims 32-65
Companion Care v Oasis 52-25

Round 3 - 4th February 2018

Academy Red v Oasis 51-48
Canterbury v Bluebirds 67-56
Pilgrims v Alpha 62-46
Synergy v GG Fitness 73-58
Companion Care (CONCEDED) v J&L
Wahl v Academy White 74-70

Round 4 - 25 February 2018

Pilgrims v Academy Red 62-44
Alpha v Oasis 58-44
GG fitness v Companion Care 62-56
J&L v Bluebirds 64-60
Canterbury v Wahl (CONCEDED)
Academy White v Synergie 87-64

Semifinals 25th March 2018
Don Ansted Cup
Pilgrims v Canterbury 37-54
Synergie v J&L 69-48

George Wilson Plate
Bluebirds v Academy White 66-98
Academy Red v GG Fitness 49-78

Don Ansted cup final 22nd April
11am Canterbury v Synergie

George Wilson plate final 22nd April
11am Academy White v GG Fitness

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