The Canterbury & District Netball League (‘the League’)


To promote the game of netball in co-operation with the governing bodies.


Membership of the League shall consist of:

a. CLUBS (‘member(s)’) – a club with at least seven registered participants which is either a netball club, the netball section of a sports club, the netball section of a youth or community club, college or university is eligible for membership of the League and shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at General Meetings.

Application for membership by a club within Kent shall be made by completion of a registration form obtained from the League and returning it with the appropriate fee.

b. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS – The following are eligible:

i. Any Company, Association or Sports Club within Kent with an interest in netball;
ii. Any Junior League within Kent established for players under the statutory school leaving age, which is not organised by a school’s association.

Membership shall be determined at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
All members shall be bound by this Constitution and any other ruling of the League by the current rules of the game.


a. The League shall be affiliated to England Netball and to Kent Netball. Fees to be paid by 31st July to the Affiliations Secretary. All players must be affiliated to England Netball inclusive of floating and new players. (This encompasses full and taster England Netball Membership)
b. All players must provide affiliation numbers to the Fixtures Secretary by the date of the Representatives Meeting of each league season. Floating and new players’ affiliation numbers must be noted on scorecards at the time of play. Players may be asked to produce their England Netball membership cards at any time during the season. Teams who use unaffiliated players will be asked to explain themselves to the Executive Committee and a penalty will be levied as deemed appropriate.

c. Any Floater player may affiliate through the League by contacting the Affiliations Secretary and paying the appropriate fee.


a. Each team shall be required to register at least 7 players with Canterbury and District Netball League (“CDNL”) prior to the beginning of the League season, i.e., before the first league fixture date of the season whether or not the team is scheduled to play on that date. Any new player must be marked as such on the scorecard. This player will then be deemed registered to that team.
b. A player can only be registered with one team.
c. On the official disbanding of a team at any time during the season, the players of that team shall be eligible to register for any other team. The Fixtures Secretary must be notified in writing.
d. Where a club has two, three or four teams they shall be ranked higher to lower at the time that club applied for membership. From then on the team which finishes highest in the League shall be the higher team for the next season. Any lower team player may play for any higher team in any one match and such player(s) must be indicated on the scorecard. If however the lower team player does NOT take to the court (substitute for the whole game) the Captain will note NOT PLAYED beside their name and get the opposing Captain to countersign. This will not count as 1 of the 3 times that they can play for their higher team.
Any lower team player can play for any higher team up to 3 times per season, thereafter they will be deemed to be a member of that higher placed team, i.e. on the fifth game. A higher team player can not play for the lower team. Any breach of this subparagraph will result in the breaching team being treated as failing to honour the fixture and they will be deemed to have conceded the game 11(f). Where a club has more than one team a player registered with the lower ranked team may play up for the higher ranked team in consecutive matches. However, once a player has started a match they must finish that match with the same team. A club shall not have more than four teams.
e. A player must be at least 14 years of age.
f. Once in any season a player may, on notification to her Club Secretary and League Fixture Secretary
i. Transfer to another club;
ii. Transfer to a club in a lower division, before the team with whom she was first registered in that season has played the 6th match of the current season. Thereafter, the transferred player may not play for another League Team, except in the case of the team disbanding. (See Rule 5(c)).
iii. Transfer from a club to floater status. Thereafter normal rules governing floating players will apply (see 5(g) below).
g. Floating players – a floating player will be allowed to play for more than one team – up to a total of five times for one team, thereafter they shall be deemed to have registered with that team. i.e. registered on the 5th game. Once a floater player registers with a team due to the 5th game rule, they are not able to transfer back to floater status unless the team with which they register disbands, in which case rule 5c applies.
h. A team may not field more than 3 floater players in any one match, i.e., a maximum of 3 floater players on the score sheet for that match whether or not they actually take the court.
i. A floater player may only be used in order to field seven players. A registered team member cannot be substituted in favour of a floater player. A floater player may be used as a substitute but only in the case of genuine injury.
j. When a previously registered team re-registers under a new name they may maintain their status in the relevant division provided they register at least four players from the original team.


a. Each member shall pay an annual subscription towards the expenses of the League, together with the appropriate fees to England Netball and Kent Netball.
b. The scale and rate shall be fixed and agreed annually by the Executive Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting, and published in the Minutes.
c. Membership fees are due at the AGM and must be paid on that day, or another date determined and published by the committee. They shall be valid between 1st September and 31st August in the following year.
d. Membership fees shall include court fees and a returnable sum to cover non-provision of umpires. If all umpiring commitments are fulfilled this sum will be returned in full.
e. New members and existing member may be accepted at the Committee’s discretion or following acceptance by vote at the AGM and on payment of the aforementioned fees.
f. In the event of Canterbury and District Netball League ceasing to operate, any monies belonging to the League shall be donated to charity and divided equally between Kent Air Ambulance and Cancer Research UK (Breast Cancer).


a. The League shall be managed by an Executive Committee which shall consist of the following officers:-
Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Affiliation Secretary, Umpiring Secretary, Tournament Secretary, Coaching Secretary, Press Officer, Social Secretary and a representative from each division.
b. No more than three officers shall be elected from any one Club unless a post/posts remain unfilled.
c. Five members shall form a quorum.
d. The Executive Committee may fill any vacancy in respect of the Officers.
e. The Executive Committee shall meet monthly or as otherwise required at the discretion of the Chairperson.
f. An officer shall be required to attend all meetings. Any officer absent for two consecutive meetings without a reasonable explanation to the Committee in writing shall automatically forfeit his/her place on the Committee.
g. No officer who is also a member of a club shall vote on a matter concerning her club.
h. All meetings shall be minuted and a copy of these minutes shall be circulated to each officer and committee member.
i. All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be binding and where necessary the person(s) concerned shall be notified of such decisions in writing.
j. The Executive Committee reserve the right to rule on any matter which these rules are silent.


Those entitled to attend shall be the officers and a representative from each member, a quorum being 12. Meetings will be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee to discuss any matter that may arise.


The League shall hold an Annual General Meeting at such time and place as may be determined by the Executive Committee, and shall specify the meeting as such in the notice calling it:
a. A minimum of one calendar months’ notice in writing of every Annual General Meeting specifying the place, the day and hour of meeting, together with a copy of the Agenda, shall be dispatched to those entitled to receive such notices from the League.
The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to or the non-receipt of such notice by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate any resolution passed or proceeding held at any meeting.
b. Business to be transacted shall be:
i. To receive reports and accounts over the past season
ii. To elect officers
iii. To consider any proposed resolution submitted to the Secretary in writing 14 days before the date of the Meeting which has been proposed and seconded by two members entitled to vote
iv. To approve the accounts as provided by the auditor adopted by the Executive Committee
v. Any other relevant business
c. Nominations for the election of officers shall be seconded by two members entitled to vote
d. At any General Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands, unless a Poll is demanded prior to the resolution being put into the meeting. Unless a poll is taken the declaration of the result of a show of hands by the Chairperson of the Meeting shall be final. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairperson of the Meeting shall be entitled to a second and/or casting vote.
e. A poll may be demanded by the Chairperson of the meeting.
Persons eligible to vote at General Meetings shall be:
i. Clubs – one vote each
ii. Executive committee members – one vote each
No person shall be permitted to more than one vote each. A quorum shall be 50% of the voting members. At least one person must be present from each Club
f. Failure to attend will result in a £30 fine. Any player registered to a team who is not represented at the AGM will NOT be eligible to play in the CDNL until the fine has been paid.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened:
a. By order of the Executive Committee or
b. Upon the written request to the Secretary from two thirds or more of those entitled to vote at a General Meeting

Each requisition shall state the purpose for which the Meeting is required and shall set out any resolution which it is desired to propose.
The Meeting shall be held within 28 days of receipt of the requisition by the Secretary and 14 days notice of the meeting and resolution proposed shall be given to every member entitled to vote.
If the meeting has been convened by the Executive Committee the quorum shall be five voting members.
If convened by members the quorum shall be 50% of those who convened the meeting.


a. All matches shall be played under the rules of England Netball.
b. All matches shall be played at a centralised venue and all fixtures, dates and times shall be arranged by the Executive Committee. All teams must adhere to the published fixtures list.
c. Home team to provide:
i. Ball – which must meet with the approval of both umpires
ii. Change of colours should a clash occur
The first named team is to be deemed the Home Team
e. Matches will commence at 9.30 am and 11.00 am. These will be started centrally but will then continue on the umpires’ timing (they will not be stopped centrally in case of stoppages).
f. If a team concedes they must:
i. Advise the team they are playing
ii. Advise umpires who are due to umpire their match – failure to do so will result in the umpires’ travel expenses being paid, subject to a minimum fee of £10.
iii. Advise Fixtures Secretary
g. In the event of a match not being played or abandoned due to causes over which neither team has control the Executive Committee shall decide if and when the fixture shall be replayed. In the event of a match being abandoned after the half time break the score shall stand and the match shall not be replayed.
h. Matches must be played if at least five players attend.
i. Result cards – both teams shall complete their scorecards prior to the start of each match with players’ full names. New and Floating players must be clearly indicated and their affiliation number included. At the end of the match each team captain shall return the scorecard to the Fixtures Secretary. Teams returning incomplete scorecards, or who fail to hand in their scorecard within 48 hours of the match, will be deducted 1 point.
j. Umpires – all teams must have at least one League qualified umpire who shall be required to umpire as specified by the system implemented by the Executive Committee.
k. Each team shall provide a scorer to score for their umpire (or replacement umpire) on the late or early game opposite their team’s fixture. The scorer is not required to be an affiliated team player, but the umpire should be satisfied of their competence. Failure to provide a scorer will result in a £10 penalty plus a 1 point deduction for league games. Repeated failure may lead to further disciplinary action.
l. All jewellery must be removed, except for wedding rings which must be taped. Fingernails are to be cut short. Gloves may only be worn for medical reasons on production of a medical certificate and must conform to England Netball requirements.
m. The umpire’s decision is final. No comments or dissent will be tolerated. Players may be warned and/or sent off and reported to the Executive Committee.
n. Any team failing to fulfill their umpiring commitment (See 11(j)) will incur a penalty charge as per item 6(d) above and may be deducted points at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
o. In the event that a team concedes a match, they are responsible for organising two umpires and two scorers for both their own umpiring commitment and that of their opposition.
The conceding team can ask their opposition umpire or other umpire(s) to cover the umpiring but on doing so will pay each umpire a £10 fee to cover travel expenses.
p. Protests – any disputes between the clubs, or complaints concerning teams or individual players shall be referred in writing to the Executive Committee within seven days. The Executive Committee has the right to call on team captains, team representatives and umpires to attend any meeting that is convened to discuss a dispute in which that team is involved.
q. All teams must have a First Aid Kit at all matches.
r. All players shall take the court in suitable netball attire i.e. dress/skirt/skort. Kit should be in the teams’ registered colours.


a. The competition shall be decided by points. The club gaining the highest number of points at the completion of the competition shall be judged the winner. Five points are given for a win, three points for a draw, two points to the losing team if their score is within 5 goals of the winning score, one point to the losing team if they score 50% or more of their opponent’s score. In the event of a tie in total points after all games have been played, goal difference in the games played between the teams involved in the tie only, shall decide their respective places in the League table.
b. Formation of the League divisions shall be the decision of the Executive Committee; such decision shall be regarded as final.
c. Teams must apply to be registered in writing by 31st July.
d. All team changes must be registered with the League.
e. Subscriptions – teams are to pay Affiliation and Registration fees at the current rate. This may increase annually.
f. Any team not fulfilling 75% of their League fixtures for the season – all points obtained by or against the defaulting team shall be deleted from the League tables.
g. If a team or any member of a team is alleged to have brought the game into disrepute, then the Executive Committee, if it sees fit, shall convene a hearing by a Special Panel consisting of three members of the Executive Committee.
i. That Panel shall have the power to call and examine witnesses
ii. Any team or any member of a team shall have the right to attend such a hearing, examine any witnesses, produce any evidence and to address the Panel
iii. The Panel having heard all the evidence shall have the power to take whatever action it deems necessary, up to and including eviction of any team or individual from the League subject to clause 14.


Any officer shall be indemnified by the League against all costs and losses which he/she may incur or sustain in relation to the execution of the duties of his/her office, or by reason of any duty performed for or with the authority of the Executive Committee.

a. The Executive Committee shall have power to
i. Appoint and constitute a Disciplinary Committee consisting of
three officers and
ii. Make such terms of reference and regulation as it considers
necessary for the conduct and proceedings of such a Disciplinary Committee.
b. A member or registered participant who has been the subject of disciplinary action by the Executive Committee has the right to appeal to an Appeal Committee consisting of three officers, such officers not to have served on the Disciplinary Committee concerned with the subject of the appeal and who agree to serve on such an Appeal Committee. Such an Appeal Committee may affirm, vary or rescind any action decided by the Executive Committee and substitute therefore any other decision as it, in its absolute discretion, considers appropriate.
c. The Executive Committee may appoint and constitute a Disciplinary Committee and/or an Appeal Committee jointly with the Committee of another League or County Association in circumstances which involve members and/or registered participants of both Leagues/County Associations.
d. The Executive Committee may appoint and constitute an Appeal Committee to hear an appeal against a disciplinary decision of a member/registered participant at the request of the member/registered participant.


The League accepts no responsibility for injury to any member or registered participant, any loss or damage to equipment or property belonging to its members or registered participants. Members and registered participants must arrange their own insurance at their own discretion.

Members and registered participants holding trophies owned by the League shall arrange to include the full value of such trophies in their own household insurance, to cover loss or damage by fire, burglary or accident. Should any trophy be lost or damaged the Club or individual holding such trophy shall be responsible for their replacements at full value.


a. Claims for reimbursements of expenditure may be made as follows by those engaged on official business of the League:
• Car – 40p per mile wear and tear plus petrol allowance at committee’s discretion
• Public Transport Fares – the actual expenditure
• Official business of the Association shall be persons officially representing the League outside meetings and events.
• Other unavoidable expenses, not already covered, may be claimed and will be considered by the Treasurer

b. Umpire Fees set at £10.00. Costs of both umpires to be equally shared between the playing teams.

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